KDS will Carry Out a Luxury Apartment Project


On May 5, the companies Gedimino 46, Etapas Group and a group of private investors and Kauno dujotiekio statyba (KDS) with its partner SIMPER statyba signed a contract for construction of a new 4400m2 apartment building in the center of Kaunas, Gediminas street. According to the representatives of the project, the total value of the investment is 4 million euros. The project is planned to be completed in May 2017.

"Given the current real estate market situation in Kaunas, we believe that this project will increase the supply of new living spaces in the city, and that the future residents will enjoy the opportunity to settle in the very heart of Kaunas" - said A. Deviatnikovas, CEO of KDS.

As Donatas Miškinis, CEO of Gedimino 46, points it out – the building will include 36 luxury apartments and 4 commercial premises.

"Our goal is to create a building that is attractive, comfortable and has an enduring value. The exceptional property of the Gediminas street is that it is surrounded by universities and cultural attractions. There is the Church of Saint Michael the Archangel, M. Žilinskas Art Gallery and the Liberty Avenue. This unique part of the city is perfect for residents looking for a culturally-rich and active life, but at the same time wanting to keep a peaceful space in their private apartments, away from the traffic bustle", - explained D. Miškinis.

As part of the city’s cultural heritage, Gediminas 46 will preserve the dominant architectural style. All luxury apartments will include either balconies or rooftop terraces that will offer lovely panoramic views of Kaunas.

KDS and Klaipėdos nafta signed an agreement for construction of fuel oil storage tanks

Klaipėdos nafta

On April 4, KDS and Klaipedos Nafta  signed an agreement for design and construction of watered fuel oil storage tanks. The total value of the contract is 3.5 million euros.

KDS will design and build two 4200 m3 tanks and all related infrastructure around them, including installation of technological pipelines and technological and fire safety equipment.

Modern and less heat consuming tanks will be used to process watered fuel oil until it becomes suitable for sale.

Changes in KDS Management

Petras Sabalys ir Aurelijus Deviatnikovas

As of February 23, Aurelijus Deviatnikovas has been appointed the Chief Executive Officer of KDS. Previously to his new appointment, Aurelijus led the KDS Group for almost two years. Former KDS CEO Petras Sabalys became the member of the board and the new CEO of the KDS Group.

“A few years ago our company implemented its first projects in Poland, and we are also seeing many opportunities to be active in other European countries. By taking on this new position, I will be able to dedicate even more attention to KDS development and to strengthening of its positions on the foreign markets”. – says KDS Group CEO Petras Sabalys.

The long-term KDS business strategy will be developed by the new board. Executive Director Iveta Anužytė, holding many years of experience in the energy sector, has also joined the KDS management team. The plan for the nearest future is to further increase the volume of works carried out in different construction segments.

KDS Group owns six companies: UAB Ireko, UAB Gasoil, UAB Egavis ir Ko, UAB DS-1, VSI Victoria Gym, and UAB KDS, which is the largest of the group.

KDS converts to a limited liability company


We would like to inform that on 15 February 2016 Kauno dujotiekio statyba changed its legal form from a public limited liability company to a private limited liability company.

We kindly ask you, starting from 15 February 2016, to use our new company name - UAB Kauno dujotiekio statyba in your letters and documents.

All other company details - address, company code, VAT code, telephone and fax numbers and bank details remain unchanged.

President Dalia Grybauskaitė honored KDS for its initiative 

Tuesday, 19 January, the  Christmas of Books final event took place at the Presidential Palace in Vilnius. President Dalia Grybauskaitė honored acknowledgements to all who participated actively in the campaign.

The Christmas of Books campaign initiated by President Dalia Grybauskaitė has brought together the whole country and helped collect 50 thousand new books for public and school libraries.


“The Christmas of Books campaign has become a nation-wide movement bringing together avid book readers throughout the country. Books help reduce social exclusion, encourage people to communicate and to share with those who have less. Thousands of new books will bring joy to libraries located from Didžiasalis to Skuodas. I sincerely thank everyone actively engaged in the campaign,” President Dalia Grybauskaitė said.

"I am glad we had the opportunity to actively contribute to this great campaign. Seeing so much positivity and smiles is the best investment possible "- after receiving  the President's acknowledgement his experiences shared KDS CEO Petras Sabalys.

The first ever Christmas of Books minibus sponsored by KDS visited towns and villages throughout Lithuania. The Writers Club and the Bookland team organized creative book making workshops, as well as readings and meetings with library visitors, children and the elderly people in Varėna, Biržai, Kelmė, Šalčininkai, Švenčionys, Kaunas, Palanga, and Vilnius.  

KDS will carry out the construction of water supply and wastewater networks

KDS has signed a 1.69 million EUR contract with the company Klaipedos vanduo for water supply and wastewater network construction at garden communities in Gargždai municipality. KDS will carry out the construction of 12 km of water supply and about 11.5 km of wastewater networks at garden communities Minija and Gargždelė.

KDS will perform reconstruction works of Kaunas Petrašiūnai power plant

KDS and AB „Kauno energija“ have signed an agreement on the reconstruction of Kaunas Petrašiūnai power plant. KDS has commited on performing these tasks: reconstruction of gas pressure regulating device, reconstruction of gas pressure-reducing lines as well as installment of a new gas pressure regulator for a water heating tank. 

KDS becomes one of the Christmas of Books sponsors

We are pleased to announce that this year AB Kauno dujotiekio statyba is joining the Christmas of Books initiative launched by the President of the Republic of Lithuania and which invites everybody to deliver new books to libraries all around the country. This year, the topic is books for children and youth.

“It is important that the children of Lithuania love books and learn to share the joy of reading with others. Therefore, this year the Christmas of Books is inviting the public not only to donate new books but also to participate in readings to lonely children in orphanages and to the elderly people. May the love of books unite the whole of Lithuania and encourage communication,”– said President Dalia Grybauskaitė.

We are happy to say that the contribution of KDS will be a unique one, as we became the sponsors of the Christmas of Books minibus for its trip around Lithuania. The main goal of the Christmas of Books minibus is particularly to encourage communication and interest in books during the visits and meetings. In December and January, the minibus will visit libraries in cities and towns where communities are lacking attention and resources. During these trips, painters, actors and creators of Rašytojų klubas (Eng. – Writers’ Clubs) will organise creative book making workshops, as well as readings and meetings with library visitors, children and the elderly people.

The Christmas of Books minibus will travel to Varėna, Kelmė, Palanga, Biržai, Šalčininkai, Švenčionys, Kaunas and Vilnius.

To find out more, please visit


KTU students create unconventional ideas for seaside villas


Halfway through the autumn, the KDS Group and students from the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Kaunas Technology University came together to create visions for newly designed villas in Palanga.

This task was particularly relevant in terms of the design’s functionality, cultural heritage and the regional economy, and required the students to invoke all of their engineering knowledge and to delve deeply into Palanga’s history, its architecture and its business principles.

After the teams had presented their work, according to the Commission, the best pre-design proposals were those submitted by the second-year team composed of: Deimantė Vaičiukynaitė, Algirdas Ramonas, Rūta Ašvydytė, Paulius Usevičius and Ieva Klimašauskaitė.

According to the decision of the Commission (which consisted of KDS Group executives, architects, and KTU EAF teachers) the winning project was distinguished by its creation of a courtyard space scenario, and by its clear concept of the building units. In addition, one of the factors was that the students, using even just the basic principles of design, managed to perform the task extremely professionally, in just a few days.

“We were pleasantly surprised that the students presented such high-level projects in such a short period of time. These designs would be envied by even professionals in this area. The resulting projects are unique and creative, and we were very impressed by the energy, ideas and motivation created by the young architects,” said A. Deviatnikovas, Manager of the KDS Group.

Neringa Urbanė, who is a teacher of KTU EAF’s Architectural Studies, coordinated the creative workshop, and emphasised that the workshop is one of the best ways to develop the ideas of the students.

She shared her thoughts, saying “There is not much time to hesitate or wait for inspiration during this type of creative workshop: you need to act there and now. This work differs from the learning process, when a project is developed through systematic consultations during course of a semester. I think it is a great way to both encourage creativity, as well as experience the specific realities of future work.”

According to Petras Sabalys, the Manager of KDS, future business and science partnerships will also be promoted through this project.

“We are happy have the possibility to collaborate with KTU and to have the opportunity to organise projects in a non-traditional format. This enables us to build a strong business and scientific community team, and implement unconventional solutions. We are planning similar projects to be developed in the future.”

When presenting their ideas, ​​the winning students emphasised that one of their priorities was the creation of a private space in the courtyard.

“The initial idea during the design of the villa was to form an internal private space, through the adaptation of a resort style, and to convey new, inherently-Palanga but modern styles in the units,” said the young architects who won the project, during the presentation.

The units were arranged in a semicircle considering the streets which restricted the plots, and to add variety to the form, the floors were shifted to form balconies and separate terraces for the first-floor apartments.

KDS has established a special lecture hall for KTU students

The state is implementing several strategic energy projects: a gas link with Poland; the Klaipeda-Kuršėnai main gas pipeline; NordBalt and LitPol Link electrical links; the LNG terminal and others. Therefore, Kauno Dujotiekio Statyba is aiming to strengthen students’ understanding of the energy market, and the company has established a new, open-access lecture hall in the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Kaunas Technology University, especially designed to facilitate the learning of students studying in groups, as well as those working independently.


Representatives of the company will be invited to conduct lectures here, and will also allow students and research scientists to visit the company in the future.

“Today life has changed so that we, the people of university - professors, lecturers and rectors - need to go directly to companies and learn about current practices,” - said the Rector of Kaunas University of Technology, Professor Petras Baršauskas, who participated in the opening ceremony of the lecture hall.

“We are strengthening our long-term cooperation with KTU and investing in future specialists in the energy and infrastructure market. A year ago, we signed a cooperation agreement with the University to select a future expert, and we will provide the funding for that student’s studies. We have also established a lecture hall, and our aim is that all of the students will acquire a high level of qualifications, adequate awareness in this area and the ability to implement strategically complex projects,” said the Manager of Kauno Dujotiekio Statyba, the company that installedthe lecture hall, Petras Sabalys.

Three needs

According to the KTU Rector, both the university and companies need three things from each other.

“First of all, we need strong, young people who are able to work effectively; we need knowledgeable lecturers; and the third thing, which is very important, is that we need to keep up with the times and apply the right study programs accordingly. Therefore, we need the help of business experts in our Committees of Study Programs, so that they can tell us what specialists are needed in today’s labour market,” - said Professor Baršauskas.

Purposeful funding – the opportunity to learn through business

The Personnel Manager of the Kaunas Company has also developed a purposeful funding programme for students, and Aušra Martinkevičienė stated that this is an important investment in the preparation of future specialists.

“It is important for us to target a student by supplying purposeful funding to steer him in the right direction, offer him the opportunity to participate in exchange programs at the foreign universities with programmes which are most relevant to our work specifications, and help that student to find the best place for an apprenticeship, as well as helping him to decide which optional modules are most useful for him,” - said A. Martinkevičienė.

Andrius Aleknavičius, a first-year student at KTU studying Buildings and Engineering Systems, has been chosen for this purposeful funding initiative, and acknowledged that one of his priorities was not to choose a completely state-funded university place, but to select purposeful funding that guaranteed a work placement after graduation.

“I think that this opportunity will provide me with more motivation to learn. The guaranteed three-year work experience in such a solid company accords with my speciality that I am hoping to achieve, and is not a chance offered to everyone. Since I was in high school, I already knew that I wanted to study Buildings and Engineering Systems at KTU and I want to become an expert in this field,” - said the student.


KDS employs an innovative welding system

In cooperation with the Dutch company Magnatech Pipeline Equipment BV, KDS was the first in the Baltic region to employ an automated welding system that helps optimize the welding process.

The innovative welding system helped increase the work volume, saved time for performing tasks, and reduced financial costs during the construction of the highly important Klaipėda-Kuršėnai pipeline.

KDS’s project was covered in the May edition of the international magazine World Pipelines.

KDS is a recognized leader in pipeline construction and renovation. It also holds a dominant position in the international market. The company adopts cutting-edge techniques, continuously implements innovations, and carries out projects of national significance.

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KDS became a member of the international pipeline contractors association

In March 2015, Kauno dujotiekio statyba (KDS) officially became a member of the international IPLOCA association.

The IPLOCA association holds 255 member companies from more than 40 countries worldwide. The annual association members’ meetings cover current projects and innovation in the field; members jointly look for ways to reduce the lack of qualified labour, to maintain and improve the current labour force, and to be on the cutting edge of environmental protection methods. Being an official member of the IPLOCA association, KDS also has the opportunity to share successful project implementation experience, express its opinion on relevant issues, and make proposals regarding the future development of the association.


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